YOGA FOR RECOVERY (click for printable flyer)


First Non Profit Wellness Center to offer FREE Services for Anyone who Needs Support During and After Rehab and Throughout Recovery


Impacting the quality of health in our community, we are dedicated to creating accessibility for healing and positive transformation through education, empowerment and movement.


Full schedule of wide variety of yoga classes, TRX classes, 1-1 yoga health goal meetings and nutritional guidance. 


We understand that recovery can offer many challenges, our yoga and TRX classes can support recovery in several ways, healing through movement, mind/body connection, expanding on the principles of meditation and giving people a healthy activity to counterbalance unhealthy outlets and isolation. 


In addition working with our director through a 1-1 coaching session, each person can identify their individual health goals and learn ways to realistically accomplish their objectives.


We also can help with nutrition recommendations and best practices.


All of our teachers and coaches are certified and bring access to optimal health and wellness through this pioneer, first of its kind, recovery program.

For more information or to sign up email or Call 248-231-6766