“I hadn’t done yoga in over two years, due to a job change. But I’d always missed it and decided it was time to start back up when a friend recommended Foundation Wellness. She said the classes were affordable and the schedule was convenient, with early classes available. Both important, as I’m a single mother working multiple jobs. Right away, I was impressed with the look of the studio and the quality of instructors. I felt completely comfortable, like I’d found “home”. Incidentally, I’d been suffering from vertigo, and so I took things easy in the beginning. I was careful with some of the poses. After about a month though, I’d realized that any dizzy spells were few and far between…almost non-existent. I did a little research and found that yoga is often used to treat mild vertigo with great success. Bonus! I haven’t felt this good, both physically and mentally, in years. I’m so grateful for Foundation and my new yoga family. “